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Guild Wars 2: Dungeon List - Dungeons Overview
In Guild Wars 2 features currently 8 dungeons in the game called dungeons, which can be played both in story and in the exploratory mode. Which dungeons currently in the game at what stage are available and where they are located, you will experience in our GW2 Dungeon list!

Dungeons are the second dungeon in Guild Wars Here are instanced areas designed for a group of up to 5 players, and provide a self-contained story.

On the first pass through a dungeon at first only the story mode is available, which should allow a first exploration of the dungeon. Do you have the appropriate dungeon once in story mode is played out, unlocked the exploration mode, which is much heavier. More about the modes and of course the list of currently available in the game dungeons you'll find in our guide.



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